Welcome New Members

Each member of the Fusion Energy Division brings with them unique skills and valuable experience. We have been attracted to this field by a variety of reasons, but we have persisted because we believe that Fusion Energy is a worthy goal. In pursuing this goal, we find ourselves working in a small but close-knit community. Being a member of the Fusion Energy Division allows members to build on each others’ strengths, helps people new to the field grow in knowledge and experience, and provides a conduit of information that connects the needs of Fusion Energy to the policy-makers of tomorrow. We of the FED Executive Committee are very glad you have joined us, and we look forward to working with you.


We are always looking for people to donate their time and expertise to the FED. Our major conference, the Technology of Fusion Energy (TOFE), is held every two years and we rely on volunteers to review papers, coordinate social events, and help organize sessions. If you are more interested in the FED Executive Committee, we hold elections every year for various positions. Contact any of the FED ExComm members for more information. We also encourage FED members to consider joining other ANS Professional Divisions which might be interesting or beneficial to their careers. For example, if you are new to your career or to ANS, the Young Members’ Group is always a good place to meet peers and make connections.

Get Connected

The members of the FED Committee know it is important to have professional support and we are actively working on ways of connecting the members of the FED. In addition to participating in conferences and meetings, you are always invited to attend any Fusion Energy Division Executive Committee meetings to hear what we are working on and to meet the ExComm Members. We also would like to make ourselves available for questions and suggestions, so feel free to email the contacts below if you have ideas for consideration or simply wish to say hello.


If you have any questions, an idea on involvement with the FED, or simply wish to say hello, please reach out. We would love to hear from you and help you in any way we can.

Arnie Lumsdaine – lumsdainea@ornl.gov
– FED Division Chair
– Senior Research and Development Engineer at ORNL

Paul Wilson – paul.wilson@wisc.edu
– Acting FED Division Chair/Vice Chair
– Grainger Professor of Nuclear Engineering at University of Wisconsin-Madison

Lauren Garrison – garrisonlm@ornl.gov
– Secretary/Treasurer
– Research Scientist at ORNL