Outstanding Technical Accomplishment Award

Previous Recipients

2018 J.P. Allain (UIUC), “for pioneering work on in-situ plasma-material interaction diagnostics and surface chemistry in nuclear fusion devices.”
2014 Larry R. Baylor & Stephen K. Combs (ORNL), “in recognition of a long history of creative technology solutions in the areas of plasma fueling and disruption mitigation for present and future (ITER) fusion energy experiments and reactors”
2010 Alice Ying (UCLA), “in recognition of her substantial and original contributions to many key aspects of ceramic pebble bed blankets, particularly experiments and modeling of time-dependent thermomechanics interactions and deformation of ceramic breeder and beryllium pebble beds”
2008 Mark Tillack (UC San Diego), “for his scientific research on laser-matter interactions and final optics for inertial fusion energy systems”
2008 Joseph Minervini (MIT), “in recognition of his outstanding work and leadership on the US ITER Central Solenoid Model Coil”
2004 A. Rene Raffray (UC San Diego)
2004 Lance Snead (ORNL)
2002 Franco Federici (ITER Team)
2000 David Petti (INL)
1998 John Wesley (General Atomics)
1996 Bill Stacey (Georgia Tech)
1994 Charles Bathke (LANL)
1992 Douglas Post
1990 D-III Design Team
1986 RTNS-II Team; led by C.M. Logan, M.W. Guinan, and D.G. Doran
1984 Christopher Foster & Stanley Milora (team award)
1982 MFTF-B Magnet Team; led by J. Bulmer, C. Henning and T. Kozman