Outstanding Student Paper Awards


  • For recognition of the best student paper presented at the ANS Topical meeting on the Technology of Fusion Energy (TOFE).
  • So others will understand that the Fusion Energy Division of the American Nuclear Society encourages student participation and recognizes the importance of work-force development.


  • Award is given to the best “student” paper presented at the TOFE meeting. A paper is considered a “student paper” if the first author is a student at the time of the deadline of abstract submission of the TOFE meeting.
  • Emphasis is on the technical contribution of the paper to fusion science and engineering.
  • Contribution to be measured as recognized by others in the field.


  • All “student papers” presented at the TOFE meeting are considered.
  • The FED Honors & Award Committee may choose to get help in reviewing the papers from experts such as members of TOFE technical program committee.
  • The technical contribution of paper is judged based on a) written manuscript, b) oral or poster presentation of the paper, c) interview with the student first author.
  • The recommended accomplishment is presented to Fusion Energy Division Executive Committee for approval.


  • An object of ornamental or useful type with intrinsic value.
  • A certificate designating the presentation of the award.
  • Presented at a TOFE.