Outstanding Student Paper Award

Previous Recipients

2018 Eric Lang, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, for his paper “Pre-irradiation comparison of W-based alloys for the PHENIX campaign: microstructure, composition, and mechanical properties”.
2016 Mahmoud Lotfy , University of California, Los Angeles, for his paper “Study on the Thermally-Induced Stress and Relaxation of Ceramic Breeder Pebble Beds”.
2014 Juliusz Alexander Kruszelnicki, University of Florida, for his paper “Impact of Focusing Grids and Pulsed Power on Modified IEC Fusion Device”.
2012 Lauren Garrison, University of Wisconsin, Madison, for her paper “The effects of 30 keV He irradiation on single crystal tungsten”.
2010 Brantley Mills, Georgia Institute of Technology, for his paper “Experimental Investigation of Fin Enhancement for Gas-Cooled Divertor Concepts”.
2008 Samuel Zenobia, University of Wisconsin, Madison, for his paper “Retention and Surface Pore Formation in Helium Implanted Tungsten as a Fusion First Wall Material”.
2006 Jon Spalding, University of California, San Diego for his paper “Longitudinal Tracking of Direct Drive Inertial Fusion Targets”.
2004 John Niederhaus and Devesh Ranjan, University of Wisconsin, Madisonfor their paper “Inertial-Fusion-Related Hydrodynamic Instabilities in a Spherical Gas Bubble Accelerated by a Planar Shock Wave”.
2002 Samuel G. Durbin, Georgia Institute of Technology for his paper “Turbulent Liquid Sheets for Protecting IFE Reactor First Walls” and Benjamin B. Cipiti, University of Wisconsin, Madison Embedded D-He3Fusion Reactions and Medical Isotope Production in an Inertial Electrostatic Confinement Device.
2000 Susana Reyes, UNED/Instituto de Fusion Nuclear for her paper “Progress in Accident Analysis of the HYLIFE-II Inertial Fusion Energy Power Plant Design”.