Outstanding Achievement Awards


  • For recognition of a continued history of exemplary individual achievement requiring professional excellence and leadership of a high caliber in the fusion science and engineering area.
  • So others will understand that the Fusion Energy Division of the American Nuclear Society encourages such achievement and recognizes its importance to fusion.
  • Award to recognize achievement, leadership, and professional excellence by a member of the American Nuclear Society.


  • Emphasis is on a history of achievement in advancing the technological development of fusion.
  • Emphasis is on a continued series of contributions to fusion science and engineering however those contributions are made.
  • Contributions to be measured as recognized by others in the field.


  • Nominations can be made by anyone at anytime to the Honors and Awards Committee Chair of the Fusion Energy Division of the American Nuclear Society.
  • In a biennial basis and in conjunction with the announcements of Fusion Energy Division Topical Meeting on Fusion Energy (TOFE), a call will be made for candidates. The FED Honors and Awards Committee will evaluate the information, gather additional information if necessary, and may actively search for additional nominations.
  • A decision is made whether an award will be given to any nominees in a specific year.
  • Nominees’ achievements not receiving an award will be re-evaluated for the next three years.


  • An object of ornamental or useful type with intrinsic value.
  • A certificate designating the presentation of the award.
  • Presented at Topical Meeting of Fusion Energy or any American Nuclear Society Annual Meeting.