Outstanding Achievement Award

Previous Recipients

2018 Yican Wu (Institute of Nuclear Energy Safety Technology, Hefei, China), “in recognition of his pioneering contributions to the field of Fusion Nuclear Science and Technology, including neutronics, blankets, materials, and safety, and his exemplary leadership in establishing a world-class program.”
2016 Mohamed Sawan (UW-Madison), “for his lifelong lasting contributions to fusion technology through research and education in the areas of fusion neutronics and fusion reactor safety and designs”
2014 Brad Merrill (Idaho National Laboratory), “in recognition of his lifelong pioneering and impactful contributions in the development of international fusion safety analysis tools that have formed the foundation for fusion nuclear safety assessments”
2012 Akio Sagara, “for his contributions to plasma-surface interactions, the Large Helical Device (LHD), and the design of commercial fusion reactors, as well as his leadership in Japanese and international activities in fusion”
2010 Robert Odette, “in recognition of his long standing membership in the ANS and his seminal contributions in the field of radiation material science and the understanding of fusion materials over many years of research”
2008 John Sethian, “in recognition of his research in laser and target systems for inertial fusion energy and for his superlative technical leadership of the High Average Power Laser program”
2006 Said Abdel-Khalik
2004 Roger Stoller
2002 Farrokh Najmabadi
2000 Michael Williams
1998 Nasr Ghoniem
1996 Bill Hogan
1994 John Gilleland & Nermin Uckan, individual awards
1992 George Miley
1990 John Sheffield
1987-88 Mohamed A. Abdou & Robert A. Krakowski, individual awards
1986 Donald J. Grove
1984-85 Charles C. Baker & Don Steiner, individual awards
1983 Robert L. Hirsch
1981 Weston M. Stacey & Fred L. Ribe, individual awards
1980 Robert W. Conn & Gerald L. Kulcinski (team award)
1978 Richard F. Post
1977 Terry Kammash