Minutes of the Fusion Energy Division of the American Nuclear Society
Executive Committee Meeting

16 November 1997
Laguna Boardroom
Hilton Hotel, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Members Present: W. Hogan, K. Schultz, J. Haines, C. Wong, J. Crowell, J. Kulcinski

Members Present via TeleCon: J. Davis, C. Bathke, L. Bogart, L. El-Guabaly, K. McCarthy, W. Houlberg, T. Dolan, G. Logan

Executive Committee Members Absent: R. Santoro, Y. Seki

1. Call to Order (W. Hogan)
The meeting of the ANS/FED was called to order at 2:00 p.m. by W. Hogan, Chair. (Agenda is attached).

2. Approval of Previous Meeting's Minutes (W. Hogan)
Approval was recommended by the members presented in person and via conference call.

3. Treasurer's Report (C. Wong)
Wong reported that as of Nov. 1997, the expense total is $800 and the balance is $7312. The forecast total expense for FY1997 is $1987 and the balance is $ 6125. For FY1998, the executive committee agreed to spend $3000 on awards, plaques and for student award. The proposed budget for 1998 is to spend $ 3800 and to keep a balance of $3025. Details of the proposed budget for FY98 and budget history is presented in the attached Excel table.

4. Report of embedded Fusion Topical, 6/98, Nashville (J. Haines)
Haines reported that the meeting plan has been submitted to ANS. The call for paper was sent. The abstract deadline is January 9th. With electronics submission, the abstracts should be available for review by the next Wednesday. John Scheffield is working on the plenary sessions. Haines will need volunteers to organize different sessions. The is no budget allotted for banquet. We will need contribution from industries. Haines will work with the organizing committee to see what can be done.

5. Organization of Dec. 1997 FED electronic newsletter (L. El-Guebaly)
The executive committee commended El-Guebaly on the latest draft of the FED electronics newsletter. El-Guebaly will still need input from the Chair before the distribution of the newsletter.

6. Report on the ANS Offsites Strategic Planning (W. Hogan)
Hogan reported on the ANS Offsites Strategic Planning meeting. Included in the ANS mission statements are the need to serve its members, the coverage of not just the nuclear power industry but also defense related applications and to enhance the public understanding of nuclear power. The draft 1997 ANS strategic plan and the president’s task force on Infrastructure and on Financial Strategies are also attached with this minutes.

7. Report from the FED Nominating Committee (J. Davis)
Davis' recommendation is presented in the attached memo from him to the ANS Headquarters.

8. Report on Fusion Technology Subscriptions and membership (G. Miley/K.Schultz)
Schultz reported that Fusion Technology is in good shape financially for FY97, but it is still losing about 10% subscriptionship. We still need to encourage library and personal subscriptions. Special issues will cover topics on ICF, NISF and ITER. Kulcinski questioned whether the students can be relieved of paying page charges. Schultz felt that Fusion Technology may not be able to afford it. Miley should be consulted on this matter. Schultz reported on the survey of membership reduction. Less then 10% of the 130 questionnaires was returned. The returned questionnaires indicated that the reason for not joining is because of in-activity in this area of work. Schultz will try to catalogue the non-renewal members.

9. Discussion of the Edward Teller Award (W. Hogan)
The 1997 Edward Teller award was discussed. This is given to recognize pioneering work in the area of laser and ion-particle beams to produce unique high-density matter for scientific research and for controlled thermonuclear fusion. ANS head quarter will need to set up an account to collect the endowment and hold the money for FED. FED chair will have the authority to seek expert advice on the nominee and to approve the nominee. The Executive Committee agreed on the following statement concerning the award: "FED agrees to be the ANS host for the Edward Teller award and recommend to ANS that they be the conduit for donated funds to be disbursed to the organizers of the IFSA International conference for the purpose of making the Edward Teller Medal and any accompanying cash prize providing the nominee be approved by the current FED chair."

10.FESAC meeting (J. Davis)
Davis reported on the FESAC report concerning ITER. The key recommendation is that if any of the parties states its intention to offer a site for ITER in the next year or two, the US should be prepared to continue and to maximize its participation in ITER, otherwise, alternate avenue for international collaboration should be pursued.

Meeting adjourn 3:55 p.m.

RE:  1998-1999 Slate of Candidates for Fusion Energy Division

TO:  ANS Headquarters (absolute deadline November 15, 1997)

From:  John W. Davis, Nominating Committee Chair

Date:  November 15, 1997

This is to advise you of the approved slate of candidates for the
1998-99 election.  Each candidate has agreed to run for the office
indicated and current address and phone information is given below.


Dr. Wayne A. Houlberg
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
105 Claremont Rd.
Oak Ridge, TN 37830
Telephone: 615.574.1350
Fax: 615.576.7926
E-mail: houlbergwa@ornl.gov

Vote for one (1)

Dr. Clement Po-Ching Wong
General Atomics
P.O. Box 85608
San Diego, CA 92186
Telephone: 619.455.4258
Fax: 619.455.2266
E-mail: wongc@gav.gat.com

Vote for one (1)

Dr. Laila El-Guebaly
Fusion Technology Institute
431 Engineering Research Building
1500 Johnson Dr.
Madison, WI 53706-1687
Telephone: 608.263.1623
Fax: 608.263.4499
E-mail: elguebaly@engr.wisc.edu

Dr. Sandra J. Brereton
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
PO Box 808
Livermore, CA 94550

Vote for three (3)

Dr. Stan Milora 
Oak Ridge National Laboratory 
PO Box 2009
Building 9201-2, Mail Stop 8071
Oak Ridge, TN 37831
Telephone: 423.574.3681
Fax: 423.576.7926
E-mail: miloras1@ornl.gov

Dr. Mohamed Bourham
North Carolina State University
2109 Burlington Engineering Labs.
Raleigh, NC 27695-7909
Telephone: 919.515.7662
Fax: 919.515.5115
E-mail: Bourham@ncsu.edu

Dr. Charles R. Martin
625 Indiana Ave. NW, Suite 700
Washington, DC 2004
Telephone: 202.208.6436
Fax: 202.208.6518
E-mail: charlesm@dnfsb.gov

Dr. Hutch Neilson
Princeton University
PO Box 451
Princeton, NJ 08543
Telephone: 609.243.2726
Fax: 609.243.3315
E-mail: hneilson@pppl.gov

ANS Fusion Energy Division

Executive Committee Meeting
16 November 1997
Laguna Boardroom
Hilton Hotel, Albuquerque, New Mexico


Call to Order



Approval of Previous Meeting's Minutes



Treasurer's Report



Report of embedded Fusion Topical, 6/98, Nashville



Organization of Dec. 1997 FED electronic newsletter.



Report on the ANS Strategic Planning Offsites.



Report from the FED Nominating Committee.



Report on Fusion Technology subscriptions and membership.

Miley/K. Schultz


Discussion of E. Teller Award



FESAC meeting

J. Davis