Minutes of the FUSION ENERGY DIVISION of the American Nuclear Society
Executive Committee Meeting
November 10, 1996
Sheraton Washington Hotel
Washington, D.C.

Members Present:  J. Davis, D. Dudziak, C. Wong

Members Present via TeleCon:   C. Bathke, L. Bogart,  T. Dolan,
L. El-Guebaly, J. Haines, K. McCarthy

Executive Committee Members Absent:  W. Hogan,  D. Ruzic,  J. Anderson, K.

Others Present:  G. Miley

1. Call to Order								

The meeting of the Fusion Energy Division (FED) was called to order at 3:15
pm by J. Davis, Chair.  Agenda is attached.

2. Approval of Previous Meeting's Minutes				Davis

Approval was recommended by the members present in person and via telecon.  

3. Treasurer's Report							Wong

Presented by C. Wong.  Budget/Actual attached in EXCEL format.

$1800 was received from the last Topical meeting at Reno. 

ANS wanted us to provide support money for two students for the Washington
ANS meeting.  The Board voted not to support them at this time since they
were not representing fusion. 

The Teller award was approved.  G. Miley asked J. Davis to check with the
ANS liason people, Sharon Kerrick or Linda Ulland on how to set up this award.

4. Report on ANS national activities						Davis
C. Wong reported on the ANS president's Town meeting.  
	President D. Miller stated his ANS vision: 

"As leaders in the development, dissemination and application of nuclear
science and technology to benefit humanity.  

ANS should also be a worldwide leader to assure the availability of nuclear
technology for the improvement of quality of life. " 

Make up of the ANS board members was discussed.  The key question is
whether each division should have a sit on the board?  Presently, to assure
effective communication between the board and all the divisions, selected
board members are assigned a few divisions to look after.  This format has
not been very effective.

5. Fusion/Fission Power Policy Statement: 					Davis

ANS president D. Miller assigned Mario D. Carelli, Chair of Power division
and J. Davis, Chair of FED to work on an integrated Fusion/Fission policy

6. Report on Fusion Technology						Miley

G. Miley reported on the publication of special issues and reviews by Baxi,
Fundamenski and Abdou, respectively.  

He invited suggestions for new special topical issues.

7. Report on OFES Off-site Meeting						Davis

J. Davis summarized the OFES off-site meeting.  The vision of the US fusion
program becomes:	

I. Understanding the physics of plasmas, the fourth state of matter. 
II. Identifying and exploring innovative and cost-effective     
     development paths to fusion energy. 
III. Exploring the science and technology of burning plasma, the next 
     frontier in fusion research, as a partner in an international effort.

J. Davis also reported on the progress of the ITER design.  The Detailed
Design Report (DDR) is being released andFEASC has the responsibility to
review the design.  The first reviewer meeting will be held on January
21-24, 1997 in San Diego.

8. Division Newsletter								Post

J. Davis will work with D. Post in the preparation of the 1996-97 Division

9. Nominations									Post

The following names are suggested to ANS as nominees for different
executive positions of ANS/FED, 1997-98. 

Vice-Chairman:			Dr. Wayne A. Houlberg
					Prof. Mohamed Abdou

Secretary-Treasurer 		Dr. Clement Po-Ching Wong
					(present holder of the position)

Executive Committee:		Dr. Grant Logan
					Dr. Robert Santaro
					Dr. Michael D. Williams
					Dr. L. John Perkins
					Dr. Yasushi Seki 
					(pending approval from JAERI)
					Prof. Mohamed Bourham
					Dr. Robert Peterson

The meeting was adjourned at 4:30 p.m.