Minutes of the FUSION ENERGY DIVISION of the American Nuclear Society
Executive Committee Meeting
June 16, 1996
Reno, Hilton Hotel
Reno, Nevada

Members Present: C. Bathke, J. Davis, D. Dudziak, L. El-Guebaly, J. Haines,
W. Hogan, R. Mayo, R. Moir, R. Miller, D. Post, K. Schultz, M. Tillack, N.
Uckan, C. Wong 

Members Present via TeleCon: C. Flanagan, T. Dolan 

Members Absent: K. McCarthy, D. Ruzic, L. Bogart, J. Anderson 

Others Present: G. Miley, J. Commander, C. Gilmore 

1. Call to Order	D. Post

The meeting of the Fusion Energy Division (FED) was called to order at 3:00
pm by D. Post, Chair. Agenda is attached. 

2. Approval of Previous Meeting's Minutes	D. Post

Approval was recommended by the members present. 

Left hanging is the possible fusion members participation to the Washington
ANS meeting. Similar query was raised by G. Miley on the 13th Laser
Interaction Meeting. J. Haines will take these to the screening committee. 

3. Treasurer's Report	R. Mayo

Presented by R. Mayo. Budget/Actual attached in EXCEL format. 

Tele-con estimate for conference call, budget listed under the item of
National Meeting for 1997, was recommended to increase from $300 to $500. 

Proposed budget for 1997 is to be submitted to National Office by R. Mayo. 

4. Report on ANS national activities	D. Post

D. Post reported that consultants were hired to revitalize the ANS. The
national office is beginning to appreciate the necessity of e-mail and
internet. 602 ballots were sent, yet FED seems to have membership of 892.
K. Schultz volunteered to investigate the discrepancy. 

D. Post urged the nomination of FED member to be ANS fellow, the submission
deadline is July 28, for 1996. 

5. Discussion on Fusion Power Policy Statement: Update	D. Post

Amount other suggestions, K. Schultz suggested a stronger and more positive
concluding statement. D. Post, J. Davis and W. Hogan will make sure the
changes are made. D. Post will draft a letter for J. Graham and/or D.
Miller to send to Sec. of Energy and other influential congressmen and

6. Report on Fusion Technology	G. Miley

G. Miley reported that the budget is in the black, but he reiterated the
need to encourage local library and membership subscription. Submission of
quality technical paper is still needed. 

On the suggestion of changing the names from Fusion Technology to Fusion
Science and Technology, membership feels that Fusion Technology is already
open to other subjects and has not been restricted to nuclear related topics. 

G. Miley expressed his intention of retiring in 1999. Editor designate
should be appointed in June 1998. Possible candidates should be considered. 

7. Plans for next Fusion Topical Meeting	D. Post

A well prepared proposal was presented by J. Commander to host the 13th
Topical Meeting, Aug-Sept., 1998, at Park City, Utah. The membership
accepted to look into the possibility. When imbedded into ANS meeting, FED
gets $8, $12 and $20 per head, per 100, 200 and 300 attendees,
respectively, for the Topical meeting. We still need approval from ANS to
break away from the imbedded format for the 1998 meeting only. Haines will
present proposal to screening committee. Ms. K. McCarthy of INEL was
suggested as an alternate member of the program committee. 

8. Division Newsletter	D. Post

D. Post volunteered to edit the next Newsletter covering subjects of: FESAC
recommendations, FED policy statement, NIFS, ITER, new FED officers,
alternate concepts committee, and e-mail/web. 

9. Report and Discussion of FEAC issues	D. Post

General understanding of enhancing the science mission of the US fusion
program was discussed. 

10. Electronic Communication with ANS HQ	D. Post

ANS HQ is getting into the electronics age. M. Tillack was asked to monitor
the progress. 

11. New FED Officers and ExCom	D. Post

96/97 members are listed in the attachment. 

12. The meeting was adjourned at 5:00pm.	D. Post

Respectfully Submitted,

Clement Wong